Kerstin Rupp
Arthur-Hoffmann-Straße 60
04107 Leipzig
+49 176 23475685


For German artist Kerstin Rupp drawing is both, experiment and illustration. Both fields are hers – experimental drawing she understands as a tool to explore the human existence. For her, drawing is thinking with the pen, while the hand is following the thoughts and the lines on the paper show the way of your thinking. Illustration, by constrast, is her way to tell stories cheerfully connected to the way of human beeing.

Since her studies for visual communications at weissensee art academy Berlin (2001-2005) and her postgraduation for the artists (Meisterschüler) in the class for illustration (2005-2008) from Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in 2011 she designs books, exhibitions, comics, websites etc. for national and international clients on a high level of content and form. Before that she did studies in German Literature, Polish Studies, Theatre Sciences at the University of Leipzig, which gave her a deep sensitivity for language and literature also in her artistic work.

In 2012 she started teaching narrative drawing and was lecturer at the School of Design Leipzig and other Art academies till 2015. From 2016-2018 she worked as visiting professor at weißensee art academy Berlin. Furthermore she lectures workshops like the international workshop about boundaries at ESA St. Luc Brussels in 2019.

Right now Kerstin Rupp does interdisciplinary research connecting art and design with social and human sciences in rural areas in eastern Germany .

She lives and works with her family in Leipzig.

About my teaching

Every topic starts with a question and mostly it ends up with illustrations, digital pictures, animations or with a book, on walls and in space. But it has to, or, to be more accurate, it should not happen directly. Because detouring is excellent, when you wanna achieve your objective quickly – maybe detours are the routes we have to go.

I prepare students to tell stories with drawings and illustrations while I try to make them think in a completely different way they normally use to think and look at the world. I’m convinced they will develop their ability to draw by changing their mind.

What I have to give and what makes the difference between me and my students is my knowledge, my life experience. Of course, they draw as good as I do! And they know mostly as much as I do. I went on the same path like they go now. So, I am a fan of them, of their idealism and courage!

The way of my teaching means to give input, ask questions, try to find answers. I take the students ideas always serious - I am there for my students in an intensive working process of interaction. My patience, my empathy and expertise I like to give away. I understand (minimum) two sides of a coin.

I want to tell them: Don’t stay to long in mental games. But try and try and try with concentration until something is going to be good! It is hard work, but it will make you happy ...

Worked with

Architekturbüro Hertel & Schlotter Dresden, Bachmuseum Leipzig, Beatrix Hermens Sprecherin Leipzig, Cine Impuls Berlin Leipzig, Die Kindertseitung Mannheim, Domowina Verlag Bautzen, Eisdiele Pfeifer Leipzig, Energiefabrik Knappenrode, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Julia Deutsch | Büro für Kinderkulturkonzepte Leipzig, Kanwal Sethi Leipzig, Kreuzer Leipzig, Kurt-Tucholsky-Schule | Kunstschule Hamburg, Luzerner Sinfonieorchester, Migrantenbereit Leipzig, Neufilm Leipzig, Philharmonie Gera-Altenburg, Sibylle Sperling Journalistin + Autorin Stendal, Anke Stelling Berlin , Universität Leipzig, Universität Jena

In Collaboration with

Michaela Anzer, Aurelie Fyferling, Jeanette Besmer, Julia Deutsch, Matthias Hübner, Matthias Knoch, Robert Lorenz, Stefanie Manns, Kanwal Sethi, Claudia Siegel, Anke Stelling, Jens Volz, Stefan Walter

Thanks to Matthias Knoch for most of the photographs on my website and to Matthias Hübner for the coding.